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The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) announces a new art initiative.  CADD would like to serve organizations and corporations seeking to engage with contemporary art by a new program called CADD Speakers Bureau.

As experienced and informed participants in the art world, CADD speakers can provide access to the inner workings of the art world and serve as a resource for members of your organization. CADD is a critical link between artists and audiences and can offer years of knowledge for those wishing to learn more about Dallas’ finest galleries.

The CADD presentation is approximately 30-40 minutes in length complete with colorful images of artwork and gallery interiors. The presentations are participatory, allowing the audience to ask questions and make their own observations.

CADD speakers do not accept honorariums. In lieu of an honorarium, your organization is asked to make a tax-deductible contribution. Your contribution should be made payable to CADD and mailed to: 1011 Dragon Street, Dallas, TX 75207-4205.  CADD is a non-profit organization of twelve contemporary art galleries in Dallas, Texas.

To schedule a presentation for your group, please fill out the form below and hit the submit button. A CADD member will respond to you shortly.

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