Press Releases

2012 CADD Press Releases

CADD Luxury Bus Tour #12

CADD Announces 2012 Scholarship Winner, Esme O’Brien

CADD Luxury Bus Tour #11

2011 CADD Press Releases

CADD Announces Eat Your Art Out Mystery Destination Dinner

CADD Luxury Bus Tour #10

2010 CADD Press Releases

CADD Luxury Bus Tour #2

CADD Luxury Bus Tour #1

Announcing new CADD member galleries: 500X Gallery, Galleri Urbane, Mighty Fine Arts, PDNB Gallery

2009 CADD Press Releases

9/1/09 CADD Art Lab Drawing to a Close

8/1/09 Launch Exhibition Programming: Graduate Student Panel Discussion and Artists’ Talk

7/2/09 Launch Exhibition, Debuting 2009 CADD Art Guide and SUPPORT CADD

5/19/09 Art Socials, May and June

4/24/09 Architectonic Exhibition

2/25/09 Flash: Photography from Dallas Galleries Exhibition

1/6/09 Drawing In Exhibition

2008 CADD Press Releases

10/31/08 More Than This Exhibition

9/2/08 Indexing The Moment Exhibition

7/23/08 Announcing CADD Art Lab

6/1/08 Images from the CADD Art Fair 2008

3/25/08 CADD Art Fair Sponsors and Lecture Schedule

1/24/08 CADD Art Fair 2008

2007 CADD Press Releases

5/27/07 Images from CADD Art Fair 2007

5/2/07 CADD Launch Party, May 8

3/20/07 CADD Contemporary Art Fair in Dallas, May 18-20

2/01/07 CADD – New contemporary art dealer organization formed in Dallas

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