Holly Johnson Gallery


HOLLY JOHNSON GALLERY :: www.hollyjohnsongallery.com
1411 DRAGON ST :: DALLAS, TX 75207 :: 214.369.0169

Since its establishment in 2005, Holly Johnson Gallery has devoted itself to the representation of emerging, mid-career, and internationally known artists from throughout the United States. Located in the Dallas Design District, the gallery encompasses 5,500 square feet and offers eight exhibitions each year. The gallery’s program reflects a broad range of twentieth century ideas appealing to collectors with diverse interests. Artists work in a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. The gallery is a founding member of CADD.


John Adelman, Terry Allen, David Aylsworth, William Betts, Todd Camplin, Theresa Chong, Alain Gerard Clement, Ann Conner, Dornith Doherty, James Drake, Jacob El Hanani, Garland Fielder, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Virginia Fleck, Christopher French, Josh Garber, E.M. Hollis, Otis Jones, Janaki Lennie, David Maisel, Jim Martin, Antonio Murado, Mike Osborne, Kim Cadmus Owens, Matthew Rich, David Row, Margo Sawyer, Mark Sheinkman, Kim Squaglia, Gael Stack, William Steiger, Richard Stout, Jackie Tileston, Randy Twaddle, and Casey Williams.


Holly Johnson:: Owner / Director
Jim Martin:: Owner / Director