Cohn Drennan Contemporary

photo credit: Angilee Wilkerson

photo credit: Angilee Wilkerson


4118 COMMERCE STREET #101 :: DALLAS, TX 75226 :: 214-708-8051

Thursday – Saturday 12:00PM – 7:00PM and by appointment


Cohn Drennan Contemporary is located on Dragon Street in the celebrated Dallas Design District.  The gallery opened in 2010 presenting an alternating schedule of art exhibitions by regional, national and international artists.  As the cultural identity of the region develops, the gallery participates in that dialogue by representing artists working in both traditional and emergent media, and by participating in educational programs and projects to make art accessible to new audiences and private individuals building collections.


Cande Aguilar, Michael Blair, Michelle Brandley, John Brown, Rusty Ayrton Chapman, Ron Clark, David Carlson, Richard Dana, Frank Hallam Day, Tim Harding, Jerry Defrese, Jesus De La Rosa, Jerome Deppe, Cathy Drennan, Tony Dyke, Margaret Evangeline, Angel Fernandez, Janis Goodman, Allison Gregory, Jim Harrison, M. Kate Helmes, Suguru Hiraide, Judy Jashinsky, Michael McKenzie, Susan Morrison-Dyke, Jennifer Jones, Lucy Kirkman, Bonny Leibowitz, Carmen Menza, Christopher Olivier, Susan Perkins, Lanny Quarles, Kit Reisch, Winter Rusiloski, Betty Sewell, Betsy Stewart, Blayre Stiller, Giovanni Valderas.

Cathy Drennan :: Owner
Cohn Drennan :: Owner