Barry Whistler Gallery

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2909-B CANTON, ST :: DALLAS TX, 75226 :: 214.939.0242

Barry Whistler Gallery, established in 1985 in Dallas, Texas, primarily focuses on Texas artists exhibiting and selling contemporary paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photography as well as installation and performance works. Represented artists from Texas include: The Art Guys, Scott Barber, Kelli Connell, Linnea Glatt, Toni LaSelle, Lawrence Lee, Michael Miller, Betsy Odom, John Pomara, Allison V. Smith, Ann Stautberg, Lorraine Tady, John Wilcox, Danny Williams; as well as Bob Wilhite and Skeet McAuley from California, and Johnnie Winona Ross from New Mexico.
The gallery has also exhibited and handles inventory by New York artists Mark Williams and Adam Raymont, Irene Roderick from Austin, Michael C. McMillen from Los Angeles, Darryl Lauster from Houston, and Kirsten Macy from Dallas.

Barry Whistler :: Owner / Director